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Project initiatives and international consulting centre is a limited liability company dealing with providing professional consulting services and management of socially significant and commercial projects in various areas.

The company is established in October 2016 by highly skilled project managers — former staff members of the Information office of the Nordic Council of Ministers in Kaliningrad, experienced in international project elaboration, consultation and management and promotion of Nordic-Baltic-Russia and EU-Russia cooperation.

Project initiatives and international consulting centre plans to closely cooperate with regional and local authorities on the elaboration and implementation of socially important projects aimed at the increase of economic potential of the Kaliningrad region.

Provided with the rich experience of managing personnel the company plans to participate in the development and implementation of various international projects in the Kaliningrad region, Baltic Sea Region and Nordic countries, which are of importance and beneficial for all involved stakeholders.

The company is managed by Christina Parkhomenko, Director General, and has two International Programme Managers, Russian Programme Manager and Chief Accountant.

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